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Antique Jewelry Should Never Be Altered

Having something that used to belong to your great grandmother is a big honor. If you are one of those lucky people whom your Great grandma Fiona happened to leave her antique jewelry, you should try to preserve this antique jewelry in its original form. Altering the design of the antique jewelry to get that more modern look is definitely a no-no.

If you want something that looks hip and modern, buy another set of jewelries and leave the antique jewelry of great Grandma Fiona alone. Once you tamper the original design of an antique jewelry, it will never be the same again.

Besides, if passing that piece of antique jewelry from generation to generation is part of the long honored family tradition, you should never attempt to break that tradition by altering the original form of the heirloom. Aside from destroying the original beauty of the jewelry when you attempt to tamper with it, the value of the antique jewelry will tend to diminish because of the alteration.

Note that antiques often become more valuable because of its original design and the history that goes with their designs. A lot of people would put some extra value on antique jewelry because it is like buying a piece of history. In fact, there is much antique jewelry that is not really made of expensive materials but would fetch in a good value at auction because of the history that surrounds it.

Storing Your Antique Jewelry

One of the best ways to preserve your antique jewelry is to store it properly. If the jewelry happens to be made of some expensive gems, it would be a good idea to rent a safety deposit box and store the jewelry there. You can just take it out if you need it and then return it after.

You should always be very careful when it comes to antique jewelries especially if it is a family heirloom. Do not take chances by just putting the jewelry together with your other stuff because you could lose this valuable piece.

If the antique jewelry is made of some expensive metals like silver or gold that would often lose its natural shine after sometime, you should see to it that you polish the jewelry regularly to maintain its quality. Do not expose the jewelry to some harsh conditions because this could cause some damage on the jewelry. Store the jewelry in an area where the temperature is relatively stable.

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