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Vabanite is a type of brown-red jasper with yellow flecks that is found in California, USA.

A fine stainless steel that resembles white gold.

Van Del
Van Dell, Precious All, and Younger Lady are marks of the Van Dell Corporation of Providence, Rhode Island, USA. This costume jewelry company produces sterling silver and vermeil (gold-plated silver) pieces, with rhinetones and pearls incorporated into classic designs.

Variscite is a relatively rare phosphate mineral which is sometimes confused with chrysocolla or the greener forms of turquoise. Colors are light bluish green, medium and dark greens. It often contains patches of white, gray or brown matrix, has a waxy luster and takes a fine polish. Mohs scale of hardness 3.5 - 5.

Venus' hair stone
Venus' hair stone is another name for rutilated quartz.

(Vehr-MAY) A substantial amount of real gold which has been chemically bonded to sterling silver. The finish looks so much like solid gold that, except for the price, it is difficult to tell the difference.

Belonging to the period of the reign of Queen Victoria of England (1837-1901). Jewelry of the Victorian period was highly ornamental.

Vienna turquoise
Vienna turquoise is fake turquoise made by compressing a precipitate of aluminum phosphate (colored with copper oleate).

The tem used to describe a gem that has a glassy luster.

A hard, moldable dark brown or black plastic used for memorial pieces in the mid-Victorian period.

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