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Y necklace
Usually 16 to 18 inches in length, this style of necklace gets its name from its shape which features a dangle forming a Y-shape around the neck.

YAG is an actonym for yttrium aluminum garnet, a man-made imitation diamond. This imitation stone lacks the fire of a natural diamond.

Yellow Gold
Yellow gold is gold that has been alloyed with a mix of 50% copper and 50% silver.

Yowah Nut
A form of Boulder Opal from Yowah (Queensland), Australia. It occurs most often as nut-sized ironstone nodule containing pockets and veins of vivid precious opal.

A silvery metallic element of the boron-aluminum group, found in gadolinite and other rare minerals, and extracted as a dark gray powder. Not a rare earth but occurring in nearly all rare-earth minerals, used in various metallurgical applications, notably to increase the strength of magnesium and aluminum alloys.

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